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i-TM is mounted on the tension base in place of the previous tension knobs. Watch videos Tight for running stitch. Looser for Satin stitch. The amount of upper thread supply is automatically calculated according to the stitch type. Run Stitch Satin Stitch Bobbin Thread Upper Thread Fabric Fabric Needles 15 Factory options Position Marker, LED Lamp Dealer options Stand, Stand Tray, Border Frame, Cap Frame 2 Revolution Max. 1,200 rpm Electricity Single-phase 100-120V, 200-240V, 50Hz/60Hz Power consumption 160W Weight 95kg/209lbs *294lbs with included stand Specications B:770mm /31" C:977mm 39.5" *66" tall with stand and wheels A:1030mm / 40" Required space:1205mm / 47.5" Reduces fabric pinching Standard i -TM i -T M Material setting Mass production Test sewing Material setting Thread tension adjustment Test sewing Mass production Standard Improved production eciency Digitally Controlled Presser Foot • • Touch screen panel • • • • • •

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