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Specifications Features 295 lbs (with stand) Multi-Cording Device, Sequins, Seed Bead, Snarl-preventative design. Check with Hirsch for other option availability. 14.2" x 19.6" 34.2" 30" 38" (without stand) 14.2" x 19.6" 3" x 14.2" 3" x 7" in. The digitally controlled presser foot adjusts the presser foot height which creates higher quality and fewer thread breaks with 3D foam and helps prevent damage to delicate fabrics. Fine Stitch mode improves the quality of embroidery created with thick thread or soft twisted thread like metallic and heavier yarns that are dicult to use with normal machine settings. The slim cylinder bed allows embroidery on a greater range of smaller items such as pockets, gloves and socks. The Reinforced Wide Cap Frame adds a lower shaft and a 3rd clip to allow cap embroidery to be produced at higher speeds and enhanced quality.

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