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Save ink , save time with the G T X pro B Advanced Ink S ys tem Engineered specifically for high-volume print shops that run multiple shifts, the GTXpro B features an intelligent ink system that keeps large volumes of ink in a constant state of readiness. U S E T H E G T X p ro B R O I C A L C U L AT O R AT /calculator Tier 1 Recommended Ink Pricing 1 , 5 0 0 - 1 4 , 9 9 9 P R I N T S / M O N T H 1 5 , 0 0 0 + P R I N T S / M O N T H CMYK Ink $0.22/CC 1.8 L BOTTLE $0.17/CC 18 L CONTAINER White Ink $0.17/CC 18 L BOTTLE Tier 2 Ink Pricing (9+ Printers Required) CMYK Ink $0.14/CC 18 L BOTTLE White Ink $0.14/CC 18 L BOTTLE Innobella Textile Inks from Brother are specially formulated to maximize the performance and efficiency of GTXpro B direct to garment printers. • Eco-friendly, water-based printing inks • Bulk tanks available in 1.8 L and 18 L sizes • Wide color gamut for amazing clarity • Strong washability (4.0 OR HIGHER ON AATCC WASH TEST) • Certified ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® • CPSIA compliant inks and pretreatment Bulk ink pricing listed above is only for GTXpro B users. Images are for illustrative purposes only.

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