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The fully automated pretreatment system for high-volume print shops. Control your labor costs while customizing every shirt you print with the new all-in-one pretreat system exclusively sold by Brother. A single operator can now manage the entire pretreating process for up to 190 garments per hour*, with each being a unique item. One barcode, complete control, no special training or extensive experience required. *Up to 190 garments per hour when using DL1000PW. Based on internal testing using a 60 second cure time and a 5 second press on a 100% cotton 6 oz shirt. © 2021 Brother International Corporation. All rights reserved. Brother Industries, Ltd., Nagoya, Japan. Firefly Conveyor Dryer • Ample 27" x 45" chamber • Constant monitoring with thermal camera system • Instant temperature changes during operation • Full-sized 16" x 20" heating element • Lower platen pneumatic lift • Rotating, non-stick upper cover Heat Press Unit • Built in versatility with three different widths of spray nozzles • Designed with a 16" x 20" pretreat / printable area • Quick and easy spray head replacement Synergy Pretreating Unit 3 2 1 CONTAC T A BROTHER DTG HIGH VOLUME PRINTING SPECIALIS T TO LE ARN MORE AT 866-750-2543 ONE STEP Pretreatment Solution 1-800-394-4426

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