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Integral indeed and outfeed exhausts Five belt widths available. Ovens are fully modular enabling dryer length to be chosen to suit all curing requirements (expansions available). Automatic belt speed control. Just enter the time in minutes and seconds to precisely adjust the speed of your belt. Triple insulation with air curtain for the coolest exterior shell available. Air intake f rom both sides of oven giving unrivaled heat distribution. Standard Features An advanced textile conveyor dryer that cures both screen & digitally printed garments with ˎʤljƹljȢɽʥȈǁɽȃɁɥɽȈɁȶɰ to meet your production output requirements. Drying Solutions Air curtain cooling maintains a cool outer shell Integral exhaust adjustment RǞǐǘǶɯƵǏ˛ƧǞƵȁɈة direct burner system ɐɈȌɈƵȁȺǞȌȁة self-tracking rollers ÀǘƵȺɈȲȌȁǐƵȺɈةɈȌɐǐǘƵȺɈ and longest lasting conveyor belts on the market Integral feed and outfeed exhausts remove chemicals and contaminated air f rom the workplace

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