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R No. Part No. Remark No. Part No. Remark R Washer R50 WSS050000KC0 Spring M5 R51 WSS050000KD0 Spring M5 R52 WSS050000MZ0 Spring M5 R53 WSS060000KC0 Spring M6 R54 WSS060000KD0 Spring M6 R55 WSS080000KC0 Spring M8 R56 WSS080000KD0 Spring M8 R57 WSS100000KC0 Spring M10 R58 WSS100000KD0 Spring M10 R59 WSS120000KC0 Spring M12 R60 WSW04B003TP0 Wave M4 R61 WSW05B003TN0 Wave M5 R62 WSW06A503TN0 Wave M6 R63 WSL048505TP0 With teeth M4 R64 WSL05A006TP0 With teeth M5 R65 WSN080000SC0 Slant M8 R66 WSC048005SC0 Disk Spring M4 (GC06)

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