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TEJT 101 PARTS 2003_0530

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B・C・D        番号 Parts No. Remark 番号 Parts No. Remark  B 六角穴付ボルト Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screw B117 SS6212300TN0 M12×30 B68 SS6205350TN1 M5×35 B118 SS6212350TN0 M12×35 B69 SS6205400TN0 M5×40 B70 SS6205450TN0 M5×45 B71 SS6205500TN0 M5×50  C 六角ボルト Hexagon Bolt B72 SS6205500TN1 M5×50 C1 SS9303060SD0 M3×6 B73 SS6205550TN0 M5×55 C2 SS9304080SD0 M4×8 B74 SS6205600TN0 M5×60 C3 SS9304250SD0 M4×25 B75 SS6205600TN1 M5×60 C4 SS9305100SD0 M5×10 B76 SS6206080TN0 M6×8 C5 SS9305150SC0 M5×15 B77 SS6206090TN0 M6×9 C6 SS9305150SD0 M5×15 B78 SS6206100TN0 M6×10 C7 SS9305200SD0 M5×20 B79 SS6206120TD0 M6×12 C8 SS9306150SC0 M6×15 B80 SS6206120TN0 M6×12 C9 SS9306450SD0 M6×45 B81 SS6206150TD0 M6×15 C10 SS9306500SC0 M6×50 B82 SS6206150TN0 M6×15 C11 SS9306500SD0 M6×50 B83 SS6206180TD0 M6×18 C12 SS9306550SD0 M6×55 B84 SS6206180TN0 M6×18 C13 SS9306650SD0 M6×65 B85 SS6206200TN0 M6×20 C14 SS9306750SC0 M6×75 B86 SS6206250TN0 M6×25 C15 SS9308150TN0 M8×15 B87 SS6206300TN0 M6×30 C16 SS9308180TN0 M8×18 B88 SS6206350TN0 M6×35 C17 SS9310300TN0 M10×30 B89 SS6206400TN0 M6×40 C18 SS9310350SC0 M10×35 B90 SS6206450TN0 M6×45 C19 SS9310350TN0 M10×35 B91 SS6206450TN1 M6×45 C20 SS9310400SC1 M10×40 B92 SS6206500TN1 M6×50 C21 SS9312500TN0 M12×50 B93 SS6206650TN0 M6×65 C22 SS9312B00TN0 M12×110 B94 SS6506750TN1 M6×75 B95 SS6206800TN1 M6×80 B96 SS6206A00TN0 M6×100  D 丸平小ネジ Round Fillister Head Screw B97 SS6208120TN0 M8×12 D1 SM66514540CL  9/64×40×4 B98 SS6208150TN0 M8×15 D2 SM66015550CL  9/64×40×5 B99 SS6208150TP0 M8×15 D3 SM66015550CN  9/64×40×5 B100 SS6208200TN0 M8×20 D4 SM67018550CN  9/64×40×5 B101 SS6208250TN0 M8×25 D5 SM67020550CN  9/64×40×5 B102 SS6208300TN0 M8×30 D6 SM66015560CL  9/64×40×6 B103 SS6208350TN0 M8×35 D7 SM66015560CN  9/64×40×6 B104 SS6208400TN0 M8×40 D8 SM67020560CL  9/64×40×6 B105 SS6208400TN1 M8×40 D9 SM67020560CN  9/64×40×6 B106 SS6208450TN0 M8×45 D10 SM65817568CN  9/64×40×6.8 B107 SS6208450TN1 M8×45 D11 SM67020580CL  9/64×40×8 B108 SS6208500TN0 M8×50 D12 SM67020580CN  9/64×40×8 B109 SS6208600TN0 M8×60 D13 SM660255A0CN  9/64×40×10 B110 SS6208700TN0 M8×70 D14 SM670205C0CN  9/64×40×12 B111 SS6210200TD0 M10×20 D15 SM67015660CN 11/64×40×6 B112 SS6210200TN0 M10×20 D16 SM67530665CN 11/64×40×6.5 B113 SS6210250TN0 M10×25 D17 SM675306A5CN 11/64×40×10.5 B114 SS6210300TN0 M10×30 D18 SM675306C0CN 11/64×40×12 B115 SS6210350TN0 M10×35 D19 SM675256F0CN 11/64×40×15 B116 SS6210400TN0 M10×40 D20 SM69065CQ5CN  9/32×28×24.5 (GC05)       

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