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    J・K・L・M・N 番号 Parts No. Remark 番号 Parts No. Remark  J 丸小ネジ Round Head Screw L23 SS8204120TN0 M4×12 J3 SS3103080SE0 M3×8 L24 SS8205040TN0 M5×4 J4 SS3103100MZ0 M3×10 L25 SS8205050TN0 M5×5 L26 SS8205060TN0 M5×6 L27 SS8205080TN0 M5×8 L28 SS8205100TN0 M5×10  K スリワリ付止メネジ Slotted Set Screw L29 SS8205120TN0 M5×12 K1 SMK0000435CN  1/8×44×3.5 L30 SS8205150TN0 M5×15 K2 SMK0000560CN  9/64×40×6 L31 SS8206050TN0 M6×5 K3 SMK0000625CN 11/64×40×2.5 L32 SS8206060TN0 M6×6 K4 SMK0000635CN 11/64×40×3.5 L33 SS8206080TN0 M6×8 K5 SMK0000640CN 11/64×40×4 L34 SS8206100TN0 M6×10 K6 SMK0000650CN 11/64×40×5 L35 SS8206180TN0 M6×18 K7 SMK0000A50CN 15/64×28×5 L36 SS8208080TN0 M8×8 K8 SMK0000AA0CN 15/64×28×10 L37 SS8208100TN0 M8×10 K9 SMK0000AF0CN 15/64×28×15 L38 SS8208150TN0 M8×15 K10 SMK0000AH0CN 15/64×28×17 K11 SMK0000B40CN  1/4×40×4 K12 SMK0000B45CN  1/4×40×4.5 K13 SMK0000B50CN  1/4×40×5  M 六角穴付ボタンボルト Hexagon Socket Head Button Screw K14 SMK0000B60CN  1/4×40×6 M1 SS3203040SC0 M3×4 K15 SMK0000B80CN  1/4×40×8 M2 SS3204060SC0 M4×6 K16 SMK0000CC0CN  9/32×28×12 M3 SS3204080SC0 M4×8 K17 SS8005060TN0 M5×6 M4 SS3204080SD0 M4×8 M5 SS3205100SC0 M5×10 M6 SS3205100SD0 M5×10 M7 SS3205150SD0 M5×15  L 六角穴付止メネジ Hexagon Socket Head Set Screw M8 SS3208150SD0 M8×15 L1 SMJ0000425CN  1/8×44×2.5 L2 SMJ0000430CN  1/8×44×3 L3 SMJ0000690CN 11/64×28×9  N セムスネジ Screw with Washer L4 SMJ0000640CN 11/64×40×4 N1 SSA003060000 M3×6 L5 SMJ0000660CN 11/64×40×6 N2 SSA003080000 M3×8 L6 SMJ0000680CN 11/64×40×8 N3 SSA003150000 M3×15 L7 SMJ0000A40CN 15/64×28×4 N4 SSA003160000 M3×16 L8 SMJ0000A90CN 15/64×28×9 N5 SSA003180000 M3×18 L9 SS8275030TN0 M2.5×3 N6 SSA004080000 M4×8 L10 SS8203020TN0 M3×2 N7 SSA004100000 M4×10 L11 SS8203030TN0 M3×3 N8 SSA004550000 M4×55 L12 SS8203040TN0 M3×4 N9 SSA005100000 M5×10 L13 SS8203050TN0 M3×5 N10 SSA005120000 M5×12 L14 SS8203060TN0 M3×6 N11 SSA005140000 M5×14 L15 SS8203080TN0 M3×8 N12 SSA005180000 M5×18 L16 SS8204030TN0 M4×3 L17 SS8204040TN0 M4×4 L18 SS8204050TN0 M4×5 L19 SS8204060TN0 M4×6 L20 SS8204060TN1 M4×6 L21 SS8204080TN0 M4×8 L22 SS8204100TN0 M4×10 (GC05)

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