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      A・B No. Part No. Remark No. Part No. Remark  A   平小ネジ FlatFillisterHeadScrew B18 S120031501TN M3×15 A1 SA41730351CN  1/8×44×3.5 B19 S120031601TN M3×16 A2 SA41730501CN  1/8×44×5 B20 S120031801TN M3×18 A3 SA41730551CN  1/8×44×5.5 B21 S120032003TD M3×20 A4 SA41730601CN  1/8×44×6 B22 S120032001TN M3×20 A5 SA41740301CN  9/64×40×3 B23 S120032501TN M3×25 A6 SA41740402CN  9/64×40×4 B24 S120033001TN M3×30 半ねじ(Half Threads) A7 SA41740401SA  9/64×40×4 B25 S120040501TD M4×5 A8 SA41740403CL  9/64×40×4 B26 S120040502TN M4×5 A9 SA41740404CN  9/64×40×4 B27 S120040602TD M4×6 A10 SA41740501CN  9/64×40×5 B28 S120040601TN M4×6 A11 SA41740601CN  9/64×40×6 B29 S120040801TD M4×8 A12 SA41740602CN  9/64×40×6 B30 S120040802TN M4×8 A13 SA41740701CN  9/64×40×7 B31 S120041001TD M4×10 A14 SA41740801CN  9/64×40×8 B32 S120041002TN M4×10 A15 SA41740802CN  9/64×40×8 B33 S120041201TD M4×12 A16 SA41740803CN  9/64×40×8 B34 S120041202TN M4×12 A17 SA41741001CN  9/64×40×10 B35 S120041401TN M4×14 A18 SA41741202CN  9/64×40×12 B36 S120041502TD M4×15 A19 SA41741501CN  9/64×40×15 B37 S120041501TN M4×15 A20 SA41750431TN 11/64×40×4.3 B38 S120041601TN M4×16 A21 SA41750701CN 11/64×40×7 B39 S120041801TN M4×18 A22 SA41750751CN 11/64×40×7.5 B40 S120042002TD M4×20 A23 SA41750901SH 11/64×40×9 B41 S120042001TN M4×20 A24 SA41751151CN 11/64×40×11.5 B42 S120042502TD M4×25 A25 SA41751201CN 11/64×40×12 B43 S120042501TN M4×25 A26 S141030801SC M3×8 B44 S120042504TN M4×25 半ねじ(Half Threads) A27 S141030802SD M3×8 B45 S120043001TN M4×30 A28 S141031001CC M3×10 B46 S120043502TD M4×35 A29 S141041001SC M4×10 B47 S120043501TN M4×35 B48 S120044001TN M4×40 B49 S120044501TN M4×45  B  六角穴付ボルト HexagonSocketHeadCapScrew B50 S120050601TN M5×6 B1 S120020801TD M2×8 B51 S120050801TD M5×8 B2 S120021001TD M2×10 B52 S120050802TN M5×8 B3 S120480501TN M2.6×5 B53 S120051001TD M5×10 B4 S120030301TN M3×3 B54 S120051002TN M5×10     B5 S120030401TN M3×4 B55 S120051004TP M5×10 B6 S120030502TD M3×5 B56 S120051201TD M5×12 B7 S120030501TN M3×5 B57 S120051202TN M5×12 B8 S120030601TD M3×6 B58 S120051401TN M5×14 B9 S120030602TN M3×6 B59 S120051501MZ M5×15 B10 S120030804MZ M3×8 B60 S120051502TD M5×15 B11 S120030801TD M3×8 B61 S120051503TN M5×15 B12 S120030802TN M3×8 B62 S120051601TN M5×16 B13 S120031001TD M3×10 B63 S120051801TN M5×18 B14 S120031002TN M3×10 B64 S120052001TD M5×20 B15 S120031203TD M3×12 B65 S120052002TN M5×20 B16 S120031201TN M3×12 B66 S120052201TN M5×22 B17 S120031502TD M3×15 B67 S120052301TN M5×23 (OU06)

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