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B・C        No. Part No. Remark No. Part No. Remark  B   六角穴付ボルト HexagonSocketHeadCapScrew B117 S120102001TN M10×20 B68 S120052501TN M5×25 B118 S120102501TN M10×25 B69 S120053001TN M5×30 B119 S120103001TN M10×30 B70 S120053503TD M5×35 B120 S120103501TN M10×35 B71 S120053501TN M5×35 B121 S120104001TN M10×40 B72 S120053502TN M5×35 半ねじ(Half Threads) B122 S120123001TN M12×30 B73 S120054001TN M5×40 B123 S120123501TN M12×35 B74 S120054501TN M5×45 B124 S120081801TN M8×18 B75 S120055001TN M5×50 B125 S120470501TN M2.5×5 B76 S120055002TN M5×50 半ねじ(Half Threads) B126 S120052502TD M5×25 B77 S120055501TN M5×55 B127 S120030302TD M3×3 B78 S120056001TN M5×60 B128 S120051504TN M5×15 低頭(Low Head) B79 S120056003TN M5×60 半ねじ(Half Threads) B129 S120031801TD M3×18 B80 S120060801TN M6×8 B130 S120052801TN M5×28 B81 S120060901TN M6×9 B131 S120044502TN M4×45 半ねじ(Half Threads) B82 S120061001TN M6×10 B132 S120081501TD M8×15 B83 S120061202TD M6×12 B133 S120051802TD M5×18 B84 S120061201TN M6×12 B134 S120470401TN M2.5×4 B85 S120061501TD M6×15 B135 S120033003SD M3×30 B86 S120061502TN M6×15 B136 S120030402TD M3×4 B87 S120061801TD M6×18 B88 S120061802TN M6×18 B89 S120062001TN M6×20  C   六角ボルト HexagonBolt B90 S120062501TN M6×25 C1 S121030601SD M3×6 B91 S120063001TN M6×30 C2 S121040801SD M4×8 B92 S120063501TN M6×35 C3 S121042501SD M4×25 B93 S120064001TN M6×40 C4 S121051001SD M5×10 B94 S120064501TN M6×45 C5 S121051502SC M5×15 B95 S120064502TN M6×45 半ねじ(Half Threads) C6 S121051501SD M5×15 B96 S120065001TN M6×50 半ねじ(Half Threads) C7 S121052001SD M5×20 B97 S120066501TN M6×65 C8 S121061501SC M6×15 B98 S120067501TN M6×75 半ねじ(Half Threads) C9 S121062501TN M6×25 B99 S120068001TN M6×80 半ねじ(Half Threads) C10 S121064501SD M6×45 B100 S12006A001TN M6×100 C11 S121065001SC M6×50 B101 S120081201TN M8×12 C12 S121065002SD M6×50 B102 S120081502TN M8×15 C13 S121065501SD M6×55 B103 S120081503TP M8×15 C14 S121066501SD M6×65 B104 S120081601TN M8×16 C15 S121067501SC M6×75 B105 S120082001TN M8×20 C16 S121081501TN M8×15 B106 S120082502TN M8×25 C17 S121081801TN M8×18 B107 S120083001TN M8×30 C18 S121103001TN M10×30 B108 S120083501TN M8×35 C19 S121103502SC M10×35  B109 S120084001TN M8×40 C20 S121103501TN M10×35 B110 S120084002TN M8×40 半ねじ(Half Threads) C21 S121104001SC M10×40 B111 S120084501TN M8×45 C22 S121125001TN M12×50 B112 S120084502TN M8×45 半ねじ(Half Threads) C23 S12112B001TN M12×110 B113 S120085001TN M8×50 C24 S121082501TN M8×25 B114 S120086001TN M8×60 C25 S121102501TN M10×25 B115 S120087001TN M8×70 C26 S121082202TN M8×22 B116 S120102002TD M10×20 C27 S121041001SD M4×10 (OU06)

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