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L・M・N・P        No. Part No. Remark No. Part No. Remark  L  六角穴付止メネジ HexagonSocketHeadSetScrew N10 S660041001SE M4×10 L27 S170050801TN M5×8 N11 S660041201SE M4×12 L28 S170051001TN M5×10 N12 S660045501SE M4×55 L29 S170051201TN M5×12 N13 S660051001SE M5×10 L30 S170051501TN M5×15 N14 S660051201SE M5×12 L31 S170060501TN M6×5 N15 S660051401SE M5×14 L32 S170060601TN M6×6 N16 S660051801SE M5×18 L33 S170060801TN M6×8 N17 S660030801MZ M3×8 L34 S170061001TN M6×10 N18 S660030502MZ M3×5 L35 S170061801TN M6×18 N19 S660031502MZ M3×15 L36 S170080801TN M8×8 L37 S170081001TN M8×10 L38 S170081501TN M8×15 L39 S170031001TN M3×10 L40 S170031201TN M3×12 L41 S170053001TN M5×30  P  ナット Nut L42 S170061201TN M6×12 P1 SB10730601CN  1/8×44×6×3 P2 SB10740601CL  9/64×40×6×2 P3 SB10740602CN  9/64×40×6×3 P4 SB10750602CN 11/64×40×6×2  M  六角穴付ボタンボルト HexagonSocketHeadSetScrew P5 SB10750603CN 11/64×40×6×3 M1 S124030401SC M3×4 P6 SB10750701CN 11/64×40×7×3 M2 S124040601SC M4×6 P7 SB11750701CN 11/64×40×7×3 M3 S124040802SC M4×8 P8 S210420001XA M1.6 1種(Type 1) M4 S124040803SD M4×8 P9 S210020001SD M2   1種(Type 1) M5 S124051001SC M5×10 P10 S212020002SD M2   3種(Type 3) M6 S124051002SD M5×10 P11 S210460002SD M2.3 1種(Type 1) M7 S124051501SD M5×15 P12 S210470001MZ M2.5 1種(Type 1) M8 S124081201SC M8×12 P13 S212480001SD M2.6 3種(Type 3) M9 S124081202SD M8×12 P14 S210030001MZ M3   1種(Type 1) M10 S124081501SD M8×15 P15 S210030002SC M3   1種(Type 1) M11 S124030501SC M3×5 P16 S210030003SD M3   1種(Type 1) M12 S124030801SC M3×8 P17 S215030001SD M3 蝶2種(Thumbscrew Type 2) M13 S124030502TC M3×5 P18 S212030001SC M3   3種(Type 3) P19 S212030002SD M3   3種(Type 3) P20 S212530001SC M3.5 3種(Type 3) P21 S210040001SC M4   1種(Type 1) P22 S210040002SD M4   1種(Type 1) P23 S212040001SC M4   3種(Type 3) P24 S212040002SD M4   3種(Type 3)  N   セムスネジ ScrewwithWasher P25 S217040001SD M4   袋(CAP) N1 S660480601SE M2.6×6 P26 S210050001SC M5   1種(Type 1) N2 S660030601SE M3×6 P27 S210050002SD M5   1種(Type 1) N3 S660030801SE M3×8 P28 S212050001SC M5   3種(Type 3) N4 S660031001SE M3×10 P29 S212050002SD M5   3種(Type 3) N5 S660031501SE M3×15 P30 S217050001SD M5   袋(CAP) N6 S660031601SE M3×16 P31 S210060001SC M6   1種(Type 1) N7 S660031801SE M3×18 P32 S210060002SC M6 1種:左(Type 1 :Left) N8 S660040601SE M4×6     P33 S210060003SD M6   1種(Type 1) N9 S660040801SE M4×8 P34 S210060004SD M6 1種:左(Type 1 :Left) (OU06)

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