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H. J. K No. Part No. Remark No. Part No. Remark H Truss Head Screw H56 S130060801SD M6*8 H7 S130470301MZ M2.5*3 H57 S130061001SD M6*10 H8 S130470302SD M2.5*3 H58 S130062201SD M6*22 H9 S130470401MZ M2.5*4 H59 S130062501SD M6*25 H10 S130470402SA M2.5*4 H60 S130063501SD M6*35 H11 S130470403SD M2.5*4 H61 S130064001SD M6*40 H12 S130030301MZ M3*3 H62 S130031501SD M3*15 H13 S130030302SD M3*3 H63 S130043501SD M4*35 H14 S130030402SD M3*4 H64 S130020201SD M2*2 H15 S130030501MZ M3*5 H65 S130470501SD M2.5*5 H16 S130030502SD M3*5 H66 S130052002MZ M5*20 H17 S130030601MZ M3*6 H67 S130054501SE M5*45 H18 S130030602SD M3*6 H68 S130050502MZ M5*5 H19 S130030603SA M3*6 H69 S130054001SD M5*40 H20 S130030802SD M3*8 H70 S130055001SD M5*50 H21 S130030803SA M3*8 H22 S130031001MZ M3*10 H23 S130031002SD M3*10 H24 S130032001SD M3*20 H25 S130040401MZ M4*4 H26 S130040402SD M4*4 J Round Head Screw H27 S130040501MZ M4*5 J1 S162020301MZ M2*3 H28 S130040502SD M4*5 J2 S162030801SD M3*8 H29 S130040601MZ M4*6 J3 S162030802SE M3*8 H30 S130040602SD M4*6 J4 S162031001MZ M3*10 H31 S130040651SD M4*6.5 H32 S130040801MZ M4*8 H33 S130040802SD M4*8 H34 S130040803MZ M4*8 JIS H35 S130041002MZ M4*10 H36 S130041001SD M4*10 K Slotted Set Screw H37 S130041201SD M4*12 K1 SA71730351CN 1/8*44*3.5 H38 S130041502SD M4*15 K2 SA71740601CN 9/64*40*6 H39 S130042001SD M4*20 K3 SA71750251CN 11/64*40*2.5 H40 S130050501SD M5*5 K4 SA71750351CN 11/64*40*3.5 H41 S130050602MZ M5*6 K5 SA71750401CN 11/64*40*4 H42 S130050601SD M5*6 K6 SA71750501CN 11/64*40*5 H43 S130050651SD M5*6.5 K7 SA71790501CN 15/64*28*5 H44 S130050701SD M5*7 K8 SA71791001CN 15/64*28*10 H45 S130050801MZ M5*8 K9 SA71791501CN 15/64*28*15 H46 S130050802SD M5*8 K10 SA71791701CN 15/64*28*17 H47 S130051002MZ M5*10 K11 SA71800401CN 1/4*40*4 H48 S130051001SD M5*10 K12 SA71800451CN 1/4*40*4.5 H49 S130051201MZ M5*12 K13 SA71800501CN 1/4*40*5 H50 S130051202SD M5*12 K14 SA71800601CN 1/4*40*6 H51 S130051501SD M5*15 K15 SA71800801CN 1/4*40*8 H52 S130052001SD M5*20 K16 SA71811201CN 9/32*28*12 H53 S130052502SD M5*25 K17 S171050601TN M5*6 H54 S130053001SD M5*30 K18 S171030601SD M3*6 H55 S130053501SD M5*35 (RR04)

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