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R No. Part No. Remark No. Part No. Remark R Washer R37 S301082201SC Plain M8*22*t3.2 R38 S301102201SC Plain M10*22*t1.6 R39 S301102601SC Plain M10*26*t3.2 R40 S301102602SD Plain M10*26*t3.2 R41 S301122051SC Plain M12*20.5*t2 R42 S301163201SD Plain M16*32*t2.5 R43 S402020001KD Spring M2 R44 S402480001KC Spring M2.6 R45 S402030001KC Spring M3 R46 S402030002KD Spring M3 R47 S402530001KC Spring M3.5 R48 S402040001KC Spring M4 R49 S402040002KD Spring M4 R50 S402050001KC Spring M5 R51 S402050002KD Spring M5 R52 S402050003MZ Spring M5 R53 S402060001KC Spring M6 R54 S402060002KD Spring M6 R55 S402080001KC Spring M8 R56 S402080002KD Spring M8 R57 S402100001KC Spring M10 R58 S402100002KD Spring M10 R59 S402120001KC Spring M12 R60 S305041101TP Wave M4 R61 S305051001TN Wave M5 R62 S305061051TN Wave M6 R63 S304040851TP With teeth M4 R64 S304051001TP With teeth M5 R65 S306080001SC Slant M8 R66 S303040801SC Disk Spring M4 R67 S301040901EZ Plain M4*9*t0.3 R68 S301470252MZ Plain M2.5*5*t0.5 R69 S301030605SD Plain M3*6*t1.0 R70 S301030604MZ Plain M3*6*T0.5 R71 S305051101TN Wave M5 R72 S301470253SD Plain M2.5*5*t0.5 R73 S301470251SC Plain M2.5*5*t0.5 R74 S305101451TN Wave M10 R75 S304080001TP With teeth M8 R76 S301061152SD Plain M6*11.5*T0.8 R77 S301122601SC Plain M12*26*T2.3 R78 S304060002SD With teeth M6 R79 S304040852TP With teeth M4 Outward (RR04)

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