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14 INK & CONSUMABLES MAINTENANCE TUTORIAL VIDEOS DEALER CONTACT INFORMATION Product Description Product Code Price/Unit Cyan Ink Pouch 500cc BGCX40C05000112 Magenta Ink Pouch 500cc BGCX40M05000112 Yellow Ink Pouch 500cc BGCX40Y05000112 Black Ink Pouch 500cc BGCX40K05000112 White Ink Pouch 500cc (2/pack) BGCX40W05000022 Cyan Ink Pouch 700cc BGCX40C07000112 Magenta Ink Pouch 700cc BGCX40M07000112 Yellow Ink Pouch 700cc BGCX40Y07000112 Black Ink Pouch 700cc BGCX40K07000112 White Ink Pouch 700cc (2/pack) BGCX40W07000022 CMYK Multi-Pack - GTX 700cc CMYK Ink (3 of each color) BGCXCMYK12PK Case of White - GTX 700cc White Ink (24 pouches, 12 packs of 2) BGCXW0712PK Ink Pouches Wiper Cleaner (2/pack) SB6673001 Flushing Foam (2/pack) SC0935001 Fan Filter (2/pack) SB7007001 Standard Ruby-Stick Cleaning Swab (50/pack) 4Y1-9096 Clean Stick T (50/pack) SC0032001 Full Maintenance Kit GTXpro & GTXpro B SC0934001 Black Paper (4 pieces) GTSKIN811B Other Parts Cleaning Solution 2 Kg BGCX40E002K0052 Cleaning Solution 5 L BGCX40E005K0042 Maintenance Solution Pouch 700cc BGCX40S07000012 Pretreatment 5 Kg Jug BGCX40P005K0044 Pretreatment 20 Kg Jug BGCX40P020K0034 Liquids Click to Access GTXpro Maintenance Videos Get access to Brother Academy, an online resource for training new employees, learning new application techniques, and maintaining DTG equipment. If you still need technical support with your GTXpro, submit a support ticket at All the maintenance procedures described in this Quick User Guide MUST be performed on a daily, weekly, or prompted basis in order to keep your printer performing properly. %7SLHZLJHYLM\SS`YLHK[OLInstruction ManualMVYLHJOZWLJPÄJTHPU[LUHUJL WYVJLK\YLMVYZ[LWI`Z[LWPUZ[Y\J[PVUZ > GTXpro Maintenance Videos URL for readers of printed user guide: ]PTLVJVTZOV^JHZL

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